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I am beyond excited about my autographed t-shirt! The quality is fantastic, and the signature adds that special touch of authenticity.

Daniel Smith- Dream Autographs
Daniel Smith

Absolutely thrilled with my autographed CD! The signature is authentic, and the CD itself is a gem for any music lover.

Mary Hernandez - Dream Autographs
Mary Hernandez

The print quality is superb, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. It's a prized possession in my collection

Luke Walker - Dream Autographs
Luke Walker

My experience with Dream Autograph has been exceptional. From the moment I placed my order until the delivery, everything went smoothly.

Carl Hill - Dream Autographs
Carl Hill

I was thrilled with my purchase from this store! The autographed sports memorabilia I received was in impeccable condition and came with a certificate of authenticity. A must-visit for any sports enthusiast

Jennifer C - Dream Autographs
Jennifer C

The selection of autographed LPs at this store is fantastic! I found a rare gem signed by my favorite artist. The item was well-packaged and arrived promptly. Highly recommended for music collectors

Bill Jr Carter - Dream Autographs
Bill Jr Carter

I couldn't be happier with my autographed photo purchase. The image was signed by a legendary actor, and the quality is superb. The store's attention to authenticity and customer satisfaction is commendable

Anthony Gary - Dream Autographs
Anthony Gary

As a sports memorabilia collector, this store is a dream come true. They have an impressive range of autographed jerseys and equipment. The items are genuine, and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful

Francesca Ventre - Dream Autographs
Francesca Ventre

If you're looking for authentic autographed memorabilia, look no further. This store has an amazing selection of signed photos that will please any fan. The packaging was secure, and the delivery was swift. A trustworthy source for collectibles

Michael Storn - Dream Autographs
Michael Storn


Welcome to our company, a haven for sports memorabilia, music collectibles and autographed treasures. We specialize in offering a variety of authentic sports jerseys, to satisfy the ardent fans of football, basketball, hockey and soccer. Our collection boasts iconic jerseys worn by legendary athletes such as Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona, Kobe Bryant, Haaland, Neymar, Mbappe and many more allowing fans to own a piece of sporting history.

But that's not all - we also take great pride in curating a huge assortment of music memorabilia, with a particular focus on signed LPs. Our vinyl records are real gems, signed by music icons such as Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Queen, Elvis Presley, Madonna and many more. Each LP comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its authenticity.

In addition to sports shirts and LPs, we offer an eye-catching collection of signed photos, capturing moments of triumph and celebrities from the worlds of sport, music and entertainment. These beautiful keepsakes are meticulously authenticated, ensuring their legitimacy.

Whether you're an avid collector or looking for an extraordinary gift, our company provides a trusted source for certified sports memorabilia, treasured musical artifacts, and iconic autographed items. Discover the thrill of owning a piece of history and celebrating your favorite stars.
Secure payments and fast shipments

Yes, all our autographed items, including jerseys, records, and memorabilia, are authenticated by reputable third-party experts to ensure their genuineness.

Each autographed item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) verifying the legitimacy of the signature. Our COAs are provided by trusted authentication firms such as CoaMemorabilia.com

We carefully source our merchandise from reputable suppliers, ensuring the highest quality standards. Often the goods come from our in-house acquaintances in the football and music industries. Each item undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure it is in perfect condition before being released for sale.

We accept major credit cards, debit cards, and secure online payment methods such as PayPal. You can choose the most convenient option during the checkout process.

Yes, we ship our merchandise worldwide. Shipping costs and delivery times may vary depending on the destination. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.

We have a hassle-free return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within a specified timeframe for a refund or exchange. Please review our return policy for detailed instructions.

Yes, once your order is processed and shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number. You can use this number to track the delivery status of your package online.

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